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Cat-Friendly Visits

Don't Be A Scardy Cat!

For many cats and their human companions, visiting the vet’s office can be one of the most stressful events in their life! Simply getting the cat carrier out of the closet sets off panic thought the house. We won’t even discuss the car ride. NOVA Cat Clinic understands your stressful situation and concerns with your cat, so we want to make your visit as pleasant as possible! This is what makes this cat clinic different from your standard companion practice.

We have tricks up our sleeves, such as Feliway Wipes, that you can use to wipe in the interior of your cat’s carrier to help them calm down. We have Feliway diffusers to have that Feline Happy smell throughout the clinic. Having a lobby that does not smell like other species of animals helps too. NOVA Cat looks and smells just like home. There are no strong chemical smells or bright, sterile hospital lights to frighten your cat.

Our exam rooms are cozy too! We even respect how to take your cat out of his carrier by taking it apart instead of pulling them out. The assistants will then weigh your cat, and ask you a few basic questions with minimal handling so your cat can acquaint himself with the room. We won’t even take his temperature unless the doctor requests it! Our doctors can even examine our especially scared kitties in the bottom halves of their carriers so they feel safer.

If your cat needs lab work done, we can either take your cat from the room if you’re squeamish or draw their blood in front of you just in case your cat feels safer with you around. At NOVA Cat we don’t scruff our patients; we gently use the cuddle hold or even use our version of a “purrito” (cat burrito).

Some cats do need a special cocktail to relax, we will admit that. Many times cats are so stressed that they do need to be sedated for our doctors and staff to examine and do proper diagnostics on them. It is for their safety and the safety of the staff. An added bonus is that your cat gets a thorough examination, not just a quick wave of a wand and a wish that they will do well for an entire year. Our sedatives are tailored for your cat’s specific needs and are reversible! You get your cat back within a few hours of dropping them off.

At NOVA Cat Clinic, we follow the guidelines the AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) set up. 

If you would like to know more, please click here.

NOVA Cat Clinic is a Gold AAFP Cat-Friendly Practice.

The entire staff considers how they would feel if they were in an unfamiliar situation surrounded by people they do not know. With this in mind, NOVA Cat can make the best choices for handling your cat’s unique situation and make it as pleasant as possible.

Thank you for choosing NOVA Cat Clinic as your veterinary hospital. See you next exam!

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