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Cat getting physical exam

Appointment Information & Forms 

Welcome To The Most Feline-Friendly Clinic
in Arlington and Washington, DC!

Ranked as one of the top veterinary clinics in the area, we are the only Gold Cat-Friendly Practice in Arlington and Washington, DC they deserve.

checking cat heart rate

Preparing for your appointment

Fast-track your visit to NOVA Cat Clinic by completing the forms in the link below before your arrival. First-time visitors will need to call the clinic to schedule an appointment. New Client/Patient Forms and prior records are required in order to schedule your kitty's first visit. Current client's with a new addition to their family will need to fill out the New Patient Form. If you have more than one cat, please fill out a New Patient Form for each cat.

How do I submit a form?

How should I prepare for my appointment?

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment – this allows us to review any records from prior visits and/or other clinics.

  • For the safety of your cat, and all clinic patients, cats must be in carriers or on appropriate cat harnesses.

Call us now, (703) 525-1955, to schedule an exam and/or procedure today!

curious cats in carrier

Anxious kitty?

We understand that coming here may be difficult for you and your cat. Hopefully, we can help ease that burden. Please feel free to use us as a resource. To help you bring your cat to us, we would like you to have this free brochure on carrier acclimation: Tips on Getting Your Cat To the Veterinarian.

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